The Replacement

July 19, 2013Its been quite a few months here at Wide Open. We bought, flogged and drove cross-country, then sold a classic Porsche 911. We received our first test car ever from Lexus. Then we received our second test car ever from Lexus. And finally, since making room after selling the Porsche, brought another car into our garage.

You voted and we narrowed it down to two cars: the Porsche Boxster and Honda S2000 (both used). As the editor and check-signer, I made the final call: Honda S2000. If you dont like it, send money and Ill bend to your every whim. Now, on to the specifics: basically, I wanted what I had once owneda 2002 Grand Prix White S2000. This was non-negotiable. The only problem was that this color was rare to begin with and since I only wanted that one model year (it was the only year the GP White S2000 had an all red interior) I was probably going to have to wait a long, long time.

Intercity Lines delivery

It's here! It's here! It's here!

Turns out I didn't have to. I actually managed to find one in Tennessee within a couple of weeks. The current owner had only had it for eight months and there had been two other owners prior. Although it sounded sketchy the carfax checked out and I spoke to the dealership that had serviced it when Tom (the current owner) purchased the car in November. They said the car was clean and had all the fluids changed. Oh and there was one other thing that calmed me. This eleven year-old convertible only has 9637 miles on it. The little four cylinder has been driven fewer than 1000 miles per year!

2002 Honda S2000

Awaiting the first run

The car arrived on Sunday and its been sitting since a brief run around the neighborhood following the delivery. This weekend were going to ensure that everything is up to spec then hit the Orange County canyons. It seems like a bit of a crime to drive such a low milage example. But then again, it would be a crime not to drive it. So... Sunday Wide Open fun-run, whos in? [kiWO]