[keep it] Wide Open is dedicated to bringing the thrill and romance of cars to the enthusiast. We’re more concerned with real world experience and the soul of a car than absolute numbers or lap times. Our purpose is to document, through videos, stories and photos, the experiences surrounding the interaction between people and cars.

Founder Yoav Gilad was raised in the Washington DC suburbs where he spent his young adulthood getting speeding tickets, starting car clubs and getting a degree in economics from University of Maryland.

Shortly before graduating, Yoav founded a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to people awaiting organ transplants. The organization, staffed by organ recipients, was able to visit these folks and their families all over the US, to provide emotional and social support from the perspective of persons who had successfully undergone the same surgeries.

But the allure of endless hours playing with pencils, markers and clay was too great for Yoav to stand. So he decided to follow his passion for cars, design and sketching and moved to Pasadena, CA to attend Art Center College of Design for another Bachelor’s degree, this time in transportation design.

Yoav has since worked on fashion, graphic, product and transportation design for companies ranging from electric car start-ups, the Petersen Automotive Museum all the way to the US Navy. Additionally, he teaches in the Art Center for Kids program and is currently working on a children’s book. When not writing, sketching or teaching he is still getting speeding tickets.