Question: Can a car be made cool?

October 22, 2013—There are cars that upon seeing them, one instantly thinks, “that’s cool!” And obviously there are cars that no amount of help will ever render them cool. Or are there? Recently, we drove a 1967 Porsche 911S back from Kansas City and we believe that that old sports car is unquestionably cool. Remember the Chevy Cobalt? We’d argue that the Cobalt is a sad monument to GM’s “almost there” self-delusion of the 1990’s. But what if the Cobalt had been outfitted with a 6.0L V8, rear wheel drive and big fender flares? Here it is… the “Gobalt” for your consideration.

Frankly, the amount of time and money invested in this conversion make us want to cry, then laugh and point; not admire. It may be fast, it may be a sleeper, but is it cool? Uhhh, no. I respect the builder’s ability, but it’s like ‘Dogs Playing Poker’: someone had the skill to paint it, but that doesn’t mean that I’d be honored to hang it in my home.

The Gobalt is essentially a hot rod though—a cheap, relatively lightweight car with a powerful engine stuffed in. And yet built '32s regularly fetch high five-figure sums. So is this just a question of time? What do you think? [kiWO]

Ford hot rod Chevy Cobalt